Our Approach

Quality chai isn't about buying the most expensive ingredients, or finding the most luxurious restaurant. Quality chai is a function of the people that make it. Turning simple ingredients into moments of laughter, collaboration and energy. That is the true meaning of quality chai.

Our Story

Our journey was inspired by the travels of our founders to Mumbai India for a wedding. After being immersed in the city and its rich culture, it was clear that chai was much more than simply a drink - it was a part of life. Chai was almost more common to find than water, and it was the hallmark of friendly and uplifted spirits whether the morning, afternoon, or night. It's no wonder that when we returned from our travels, we took the tradition of 'Chai Time' with us and back to our own workplaces and homes. We hope you too will share in the experience of quality chai.

Begin Your Chai Journey Today

Whether you are just starting to add Chai to the list of drinks you enjoy, or you've already been drinking it on a daily basis, Quality Chai is committed to offering you links and information to the best Quality Chai. We strongly encourage you to try the essentials today!