Our Story

Our love for chai grew from travels to Mumbai, India, where chai was a routine and essential part of the day.

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Chai Essentials

We want to share our chai essentials, and what we've discovered as our favorite affiliate chai must haves with you.

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Making Chai

Having the ingredients is only half the journey. Preparation of Chai is key to proper taste and flavor.

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Inspired by Chai

Our website is dedicated to good quality chai. We focus on the traditional masala chai, which in the western realm is commonly referred to as "chai tea". It is abit of a misnomer in the east as chai translates into tea itself!

Chai tea, or masala chai, is traditionally a combination of black tea, spices, and garlic. The liquid is a combination of water and milk. Preparation is simple and only requires a few ingredients and steps to make chai.

It is ingrained in the culture of countries such as India, becoming a daily drink that is readily available from street vendors and stores alike. Whether it is a chai in the morning, afternoon, or night, quality chai is part of everyday life.

This sweet and rich drink offers the effects of ginger, cinammon, caffeine, and spices like cardamon and cloves. We hope you join us in our enjoyment of quality chai.


Begin Your Chai Journey Today

Whether you are just starting to add Chai to the list of drinks you enjoy, or you've already been drinking it on a daily basis, Quality Chai is committed to offering you links and information to the best Quality Chai. We strongly encourage you to try the essentials today!